If you’ve found your way to my blog I’m assuming you’re a reader. If you’ve somehow found your way here and you’re not a reader, I encourage you to have a look at a couple of posts, you may just change your mind.

From a very young age I have been an avid reader and story writer. Believe it or not, I even have a Blue Peter badge for my writing! The very first book I remember thoroughly enjoy reading was ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’, by Michelle Magorian, which I bought from a book fair my primary school was holding for National Book Day, however I had been reading Jacqueline Wilson books for as long as I can remember, and was lucky enough to meet her when I was younger at her book signing at my local WH Smiths’, where she signed my copy of ‘Jacky Daydream’.

I am part of the lucky generation that got to grow up alongside the ever so famous Harry Potter, and am ever so grateful to J.K Rowling for introducing us to the wizarding world, and providing us with loveable characters that we could grow with as they went through their school years and discovered themselves. For a lot of people, reading is an escape, and what better place to escape to than a world where paintings can talk, chocolate frogs can come to life, and magic is real.

Now, I’m an aspiring journalist, and still an avid reader, so why not combine both and create this blog, where you can find my opinions on books I have read, which will mainly be focused around Young Adult Fiction, and my book recommendations!

If you have any suggestions on books you’d like to see featured and reviewed here on my blog, or any suggestions in general, feel free to email me: pageturner212@gmail.com or tweet me: @pageturnerblog_ 

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy having a look around my blog!

Keep On Reading!