Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown: The 22nd Chapter of Your Favourite Book!

22 days left on the countdown! So for today’s edition of the Christmas Countdown I thought I’d include the 22nd chapter of my favourite books! Now, if by now you don’t know what my favourite book is, or at least who my favourite author is, then you might need to go back and reread a few posts… 

Chapter 22
Thunder in the Trumpet
Clockwork Princess

24885506-_uy200_If you guys have read my Clockwork Princess review then you’ll know how this book made me feel, and it was from around about the 22nd chapter that the waterworks really started flowing. The chapter begins with Brother Enoch and Charlotte standing over Tessa’s bed in the Institute; after the fight with the Clockwork Army and Mortmain, and Tessa taking on the form of Angel Ithuriel Tessa is left extremely unwell. Jem has left now, leaving with the Silent Brothers, renamed Brother Zachariah and it’s been discovered that Tessa is part demon, part Shadowhunter. This chapter was such an important one for information and tying up loose ends, finally, after three books, we now know what Tessa is. But as for Jem becoming a Silent Brother? Nope, still not over it

Chapter 22
Owl Post Again
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

So in this chapter, a fair bit happens, if I recall correctly; I won’t spoil iharry_potter_and_the_prisoner_of_azkabant all though, don’t worry. To begin with, Harry and Hermione race to get back to the infirmary, where they have to hide from Snape and Fudge, who walk past discussing Serius Black’s punishment. Fudge agrees to removed the Dementors from around the school after they tried to give the Kiss to one of the schoolboys. Lupin has resigned after Snape tells everyone that he’s a werewolf, and returns the invisibility cloak and Marauders map to Harry, and so the chaos that is of the Wizarding world continues…

Chapter 22
The Prophecy Comes True
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

percyThe final chapter! We were the first heroes to return alive to Half-Blood Hill since Luke, so of course everybody treated us as if we’d won some reality TV contest.” I loved this chapter! This is where my love for Luke only increased, despite him, you know, trying to kill Percy… Once again, this is an important chapter for loose ends being tied up, as we learn that it was in fact Luke that stole the lightning bolt. It’s all a bit shady with these Greek Gods.

So what are your guys favourite books? Drop me a comment telling me!

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