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Review! Clockwork Princess – Cassandra Clare (SPOILERS!)

So this is going to be my last Cassandra Clare review for a while, I’m loving the books, but I set myself a challenge to finish all of her books to date, before Christmas, and that’s a lot of books to review! So I think maybe I’ll just review ‘Lady Midnight’, ‘Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy’ and ‘The Bane Chronicles’. Now, onto the review!

24885506-_uy200_Okay, so… THIS BOOK THOUGH. I did intend to write a ‘Halfway Point Review’ but I was so invested in this book that I just flew through it, and before I knew it I’d finished it. 


This was by far my favourite book in this trilogy. So much happened, right from the get go, and the action just does not stop. There was not a single dull, slow moment during ‘Clockwork Princess‘ and it really does grip you right from the Prologue. A lot of people say that Cassandra Clare’s books are flawed, but everything was tied up so neatly for me, and the ending just blew me away.

So I feel awful. I’ve spent so long slating jessamine_s_ghost_by_enoa79-d6qwmurJessamine, hoping that in this book I would grow to like her… Only, I never got the chance to because she died. Poor Jessamine didn’t even make it back inside the Institute before she died.

“Life Is Full Of Risks. Death Is Much Simpler.”

That being said, I loved her appearance as a ghost toward the end of the book. Whilst it was brief and short-lived, it was meaningful, and it definitely made me appreciate her character, and made up for the rest of the time that I disliked her.

“It Is Time To Say Goodbye”

Jem’s death broke my heart. Actually, no, it 9219b459d3d294de284ceab9dab56f51wasn’t necessarily Jem’s death, it was Will’s reaction to it and how he dealt with it. I was a fool to not have expected Jem’s death really, but you always try to hope that your favourite character will make it to the end. What I did not expect, in the slightest, was for Jem to return during the battle between the Shadowhunters and the Clockwork Army in Cadair Idris, as a SILENT BROTHER?! My heart soared! Only momentarily though, as almost straight after I remembered Tessa and Will’s moment when Will found her, and I felt terrible for Jem. But I was so over the moon that he was back!

From Chapter 23 Onwards…

I did not stop crying from Chapter 23 until the very end. Jem and Will’s final goodbye absolutely ruined me; in my eyes they were supposed to make it to the very end of the series together, as Parabatai, they weren’t supposed to go their separate ways. BUT THEN at the very end when Jem met Tessa on the bridge and was no longer a Silent Brother?! I mean what?! I was mind blown! 


One of the most beauti301e657da9ff1fb330d18b18685e603eful, clever, intense  and utterly breathtaking moments of this book was when Tessa changed into Ithuriel and killed Mortmain. It was the last thing I expected

“You are the first dream of my soul, and from that dream I hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime’s worth.”

stars_hide_your_fires_by_emmilinne-d61znzjHonestly, if it wasn’t for Will and Tessa I don’t think I could have finished this book after Jem left. Granted, I was a Jessa shipper, and crushed when Jem died, but Will and Tessa filled me with so much happiness. Will finally got to be with the girl he’d been in love with across the whole of the trilogy, and together, they fixed each others heart’s that had been broken when Jem left. I sobbed all over again when I saw that they’d named their child James, and then I continuously sobbed when Will died at the end. To have to witness both of your favourite characters die in the same book is utterly heartbreaking.

I’m beyond glad that Cassandra Clare decided to end the trilogy where she did, rather than continue with it and potentially ruin it. Now I can be happy with imagining that Tessa and Jem live forever, together, after all that they’ve been through, and that is a pleasant thought. ‘Clockwork Princess‘ was by far, without a doubt my favourite book in ‘The Infernal Devices‘, it was magical, breathtaking and beautiful, and is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I’m sad to say goodbye to this trilogy, but I have no doubt, knowing Cassandra Clare’s ways, that I’ll be meeting certain characters again in other Shadowhunter novels, and I’ll be revisiting this trilogy again in the future.

My Rating:


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