Thoughts On A Thursday

Thoughts On A Thursday: The Trouble With Being A Bookish Person!

I’ve been a reader since I can remember, and I LOVE getting lost in a book. But there are some things us reader’s face from time to time that REALLY get on my nerves, so what better than to write about them!

Why Don’t You Just Watch The Movie?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_dj20uzs02bk0g0ssoogcsc8o4_640You guys know how annoying this can get. You’ll just be sat there, minding your own business, nose in your book and then someone asks the dreaded question. I mean yeah, I could sit and watch the film, and I might even enjoy it, but nothing quite compares to reading the descriptions of characters and scenery and imagining it for yourself in your head. For me, often watching a film can ruin the experience of reading a book, because it turns out completely different to how I’d imagined things to look in my head. So, for all those who ask why don’t we just watch the movie, why don’t you just read the book?

“Oh Hey, I’ve Read That Book, Have You Got To The Bit Where *Insert Spoiler Here*”

The dreaded spoilers… I do my best to not spoil things for other people, I even warn spoileryou guys in my review titles! But nothing aggravates me more when someone can see your reading something and go out of their way to spoil it for you! This applies to films and TV shows too! If you happen to notice I’m reading something that you’ve read too, please don’t ask me if I’ve “reached that bit where a certain character dies/kisses/fights/etc…”. If you really want to know where I’m at with the book I’m reading, just ask “Hey, what bit have you got to?”.

“But They’re Not Real…”

tumblr_oe55w21xid1ugp61po1_400 When someone who isn’t a reader just doesn’t get your ever-growing list of fictional boyfriends and your emotional attachment to them… I know that all these characters, are just that, characters, but when you spend such a vast amount of time truly invested in their stories you can’t help but become attached to them in almost the same way you’d become attached to a real person in your life! I’m aware that I’ll never meet Jem Carstairs, but fictional boyfriends are just so much better than actual boys, so less stressful! 


So, chances are, if I’m sat reading my book, I don’t want to s10522854_1491779721084174_411046059_a.jpgocialise. If I’m sat near you, unless you want to ask me about my book, PLEASE DO NOT interrupt me! For all you know, I could be in the middle of a very serious battle that could determine the fate of certain characters, or someone could be declaring their love for another character! 

So those are just a few of the trouble’s us bookish people face! Let me know if you guys have any other’s that I’ve missed out in the comments! 

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