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Let’s Talk Tuesday: Clockwork Prince! All Of The Feels! (SPOILERS)

clockwork-prince-9781481456012_hrIn the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, while her longing for Will continues to unsettle her. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers to who she is and what she was born to do?

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fantasy/Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction/Steampunk
Published: September 1st, 2015, Margaret K. McElderry Books
Series: The Infernal Devices #2
Format: Paperback

“I remember the first moment I looked at you walking toward me and realised that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you”

This book had my feelings just about all over the place by the end of it. It’s been awhile jem_carstairs_by_crovalentina-d6fdux1since I cried at a book, but oh were the tears real! The staff room at work was probably not the best place to have been reading this! I was adamant I was a Jessa shipper, I did not care for the idea of Will and Tessa, I did not much care for Will and his treatment of the others, but now? Someone tell me who on earth I’m supposed to ship! Jessa? Wessa? Wilessem? I just don’t know! 

I honestly don’t think there’s enough words in the dictionary to describe my utter shock when it was revealed that Will isn’t, and never has been cursed. Spending five years pushing everyone you care for away, thinking that you’d be the reason they died, only to learn it was a lie? My heart wept for him. I think it was from that moment, when Magnus summoned the demon Marbas, that I really allowed myself to fall in love with Will Herondale, the way every other person seems to have after reading this books. I could really feel his emotion through Cassandra’s writing as Will became overwhelmed, realising how all of the awful things he had said/done to everyone had been for nothing. I admire Magnus so much in this scene, the advice that he gives Will is just perfect, “You’re seventeen. You can’t have wrecked a life you’ve barely lived.” and it really seems to have a positive effect on Will, and he definitely changes for the better from this point onward.

“You cannot save every fallen bird,”

charlotte-charlotte-branwell-29311592-1024-768A lot of ‘Clockwork Prince’ seems to be character development. I adored the scene in which Henry and Charlotte have their discussion on their feelings for each other. Henry was by far one of my favourite characters right off the bat with this series, and I often felt sympathy for him due to the way he was mocked by the younger Shadowhunters, and how little patience Charlotte had for him. It was evident how passionate he was for his inventions, and you can’t blame Charlotte for feeling second best to them, but the conversation between them is so heartwarming, and it was clearly something that needed to happen. They both seem so much happier after this scene, and Henry really does seem to step up as both a husband, and leader of the Institute.

“Tessie, where’s your angel? You – Must – Wear – It. Wear it always. You swear?”

91c3889f43e0007aabf13f2187913cf0Nate’s death came as such a shock to me, and I have to admit I cried. But what came as even more as a shock was the piece of information that was revealed in this scene! The fight between the Shadowhunters and the prototype automaton was so intense I just couldn’t tear my eyes away, but my mind was all over the place after finding out that Aunt Harriet is Nate’s mother?! That was most definitely the last thing I expected to happen, but it clears up why Nate isn’t the same as whatever it is Tessa is. But as per, with every answer we receive, another question arises… why must Tessa wear her angel at all times? What is the significance of this angel? We’ve already seen that it has saved her from the Clockwork Army twice, but clearly it has a bigger purpose, and Mortmain must not know about it, because surely he would have found a way to steal it from her if he did?

“There is a force and strength in love,”

tumblr_mczrtqcz3y1qm7g6po1_500My heart just could not handle Jem’s proposal to Tessa. And it only got worse with Will’s declaration of his feelings afterwards. So now I am left with the question, Wessa or Jessa? I cannot help but feel that Tessa’s feelings for Jem are not as strong as for Will, and that Jem is a second choice based on the false intentions Will had beforehand when he believed he was cursed. Will handled the news of Jem and Tessa’s engagement like such a gentlemen, which surprised me only slightly.  But I felt so, so sorry for him, because it has been evident from the start how in love with Tessa he is.

The one thing that seriously annoyed me about the proposal was when Jem announced it to Henry and Charlotte, because Charlotte didn’t even allow them to celebrate before she came swooping in and stole the limelight, announcing her pregnancy. Granted, that’s amazing news, but Tessa had just lost her only family member thattarot_blades_8 she had left, and potentially could have died herself, allow her some time in the spotlight!

I still detest Jessamine. I know a lot of people pitied her towards the end of this book, but honestly, I just can’t stand her. She knew how dangerous Nate was, and that her loyalties should have laid with the Shadowhunters in the Institute, after all, Charlotte and Henry had raised her as their own, but still she chose to go and betray them and act as a spy for the enemy. Personally, I just find her selfish, naive, and easily influenced, and combined these three attributes have not worked in her favour in the slightest. Maybe my opinion of her will change in ‘Clockwork Princess’ but I highly doubt it.

SO! I completely take back EVERYTHING I said in my ‘Halfway Point’ review of this book. Well, almost everything, I still stand by my opinion of it being unbelievably slow-paced in the beginning, but it really did pick up as the book progressed, and it got to the point where I had to force myself to put it down, other wise I would have been late to work. It’s definitely redeemed itself now that I’ve finished it, even if it has left me a big ball of emotion and confusion, but I’m so excited to see how it progresses in the final instalment, but I just know it’s going to leave me heartbroken.

My Rating:


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