Top 10 Contemporary Reads!


Whilst the world of fantasy is fabulous and fun, sometimes it’s nice to lose yourself in a good contemporary novel to bring yourself back to the real world!

10 – The Fault In Our Stars -John Green

Following Hazel Grace and Augustus Walters through their journey of suffering with Cancer is heartbreaking, to say the least. However, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is also a story full of humour, friendship and love. It’s definitely a tearjerker, but you’ll find yourself laughing along too!

9 –  Severed Heads, Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider 

Ezra Faulkner lives his life believing that there is a tragedy waiting for everyone, and when he meets his own tragedy his career as a jock and his chance of winning homecoming King is taken away from him. Tragedies often bring with them new beginnings, and fans of ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ and John Green will love ‘Severed Heads, Broken Hearts’.

8 – Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher

Suicide always has been, and always will be a difficult subject. ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ conveys the message that we will never know the extent of the impact our actions have on others. When Clay receives a package of cassette tapes recorded by his crush, Hannah, he discovers that he is one of the thirteen reasons why . With themes of suicide, sex, drugs and smoking ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ isn’t suitable for readers under 15 years old in my opinion.

7 – Looking For Alaska – John Green

Miles Halter (Pudge) has an obsession with famous last words. He goes to seek a ‘Great Perhaps’ at Culver Creek Boarding School, and he may have just found it. Enter Alaska Young, emotionally unstable, self-destructive student who steals Miles’ heart. Will they ever escape the labyrinth?

6 – Songs About a Girl – Chris Russel

Everybody loves Fire & Lights. Everybody except for Charlie Bloom. But when band member Olly Samson asks her to take photos backstage, it’s too good of a chance to get her work out there to miss.
But the band slowly starts to fall apart when Charlie finds herself caught between mysterious lead singer Gabriel West and laid back Olly. And if that wasn’t confusing enough for Charlie, something about the band’s songs is calling to her, something familiar…

5 – Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

First love, fanfiction, family and fitting in, four things a lot of teenagers have to deal with. Cath and her twin sister, Wren, are identical and inseparable, until they start college.  They’re still identical, but Wren has chosen to go independent. Cath is alone and out of her comfort zone. Can she make it through?

4 – Did I Mention I Love You? – Estelle Maskame

Everybody’s fallen for the wrong person at some point in their life, but for Eden the wrong person happens to be her step-brother, Tyler. Forbidden romance at it’s finest, can Eden keep her feelings under control?

3 – Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

“She never felt like she belonged anywhere, except for when she was lying on her bed, pretending to be somewhere else.”
Two misfits experiencing love for the first time. ‘Eleanor & Park’ is the perfect book for anyone looking for an escape.

2 – 13 Minutes – Sarah Pinborough

Everything is not what it seems, especially when it comes to Natasha’s death… a death that lasted 13 minutes. The twists and turns of this mysterious novel make ’13 Minutes’ definitely worth sinking your teeth into!

1 – The Sky Is Everywhere – Jandy Nelson

Lennie probably shouldn’t be kissing her sister’s boyfriend on the best of days. She definitely shouldn’t be kissing him after her sister suddenly passes away, but the grief bought them together. Then, there’s Joe, French transfer who’s musical talent matches Lennie’s.
“You can tell your story any way you damn well please. It’s your solo.”
A story of love and loss, music and melody, Jandy Nelson’s ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ is definitely a perfect contemporary novel to bury your head in!

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